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Schindler Space Architect

The first feature-length documentary about the life and works of R. M. Schindler, the most innovative and the least understood of all the pioneers of modern architecture.  The film affirms the singular genius of one man, and the eternal challenge every artist faces to stay true to their vision in an effort to leave a lasting impact. 

Austrian-born and educated, R. M. Schindler (RMS) lived and worked in Los Angeles in the early twentieth century. He changed forever the architectural landscape of Los Angeles and laid the foundation for what now is considered California lifestyle of indoor-outdoor living, impacting world architecture as a whole for years to come and to this day. His life story is one of passion for art and architecture and one of emigration to foreign lands.

The house Schindler built for his family and another couple on Kings Road, West Hollywood in 1922, is now a museum: considered the first modern house built anywhere in the world. It was an architectural and social experiment, challenging the precepts of the nuclear family.  It dealt with such issues as feminism, gender equality, communal living. It was a gathering place for artists, radicals and a cradle for modern architecture.

Schindler transformed the way we see space and how we use it. His architecture grew from inside-out directly responding to the lifestyle of its occupants; it elevated their everyday existence by bringing it into harmony with nature.  Schindler experimented and invented over a period of 30 years: suffering the ups and downs of a creative genius, forging his own vision. His struggles and creative message are timeless. This project is a tribute to a man before his time who was a rebel and a true original.

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